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Hugh Bowman
Ph: 0409 402 474
Duncan McAdams
Ph: 0466 309 020

Grow Your Business By 50% - Guaranteed!

I've helped my clients grow their businesses by 50% plus in under 12 months. Now it's your turn!

Geelong's Number #1 Business Coaches

Hi I'm Hugh Bowman head coach at Business Coaching Geelong and you are probably visiting this site because you are looking for change.

Let's face it, in business, if we aren't making a profit or working reasonable hours work becomes stressful, unrewarding and a real grind.

Let me and my team show you how we have helped other businesses increase their profits by 50% or more and turn their business around so they go from ok to great.

Let's Get Your Business Rocking

By increasing sales and margins, empowering staff, implementing winning systems and processes and looking for marketing opportunities.

Our Successful Clients

Keywords: What Are Clients Searching For?

Today I want to talk about key words and how significant they are to your online success. Keywords: What Are They? Key words, well basically you get a user that comes along and they put in their search criteria to solve a problem or look for a service. That ...
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Working In or On Your Business? I want to talk about how saving a job is costing you a fortune. What I mean by this is if you're a business owner and you spend a lot of time working on the tools it means that you don't spend the time working on your business to ...
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Junk Mail – Does It Still Work 2018? Welcome to Whiteboard Friday and today I want to talk about direct mail what should you be putting through people's letter boxes, how to be the most effective with it and what sort of return you're going to expect from doing this now this type of direct mail - ...
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Why You Need To Talk To Us

Hugh Bowman

  • Owner of several successful businesses including this Business Coaching business.

  • Qualified Engineer so understands systems, processes and implementation.

  • Proven 6 year+ track record with helping other businesses in Geelong grow their profit by 50%+.

  • Can help maximise your staff's productivity to give you more time out of the business.

  • Access to a worldwide support network with 1000's of experienced coaches.

hugh bowman

"We have a great guarantee in place that will give you peace of mind that we will do everything possible to help you grow your business. Successful coaching does rely on the right fit so contact me today and let's get you and your business winning."

Hugh Bowman -  ActionCoach - Geelong's No#1 Business Coaches


Duncan McAdams

  • Owner of several successful businesses with a marketing base.

  • 15 years+ experience coaching businesses in business growth and marketing both offline and online.

  • Can offer small to medium businesses unique insights in how grow their business using appropriate marketing and advertising that delivers results.

  • Access to a worldwide support network with 1000's of experienced coaches.

duncan mcadams

"A coaches job is to guide a business owner with growing their business when often they are bogged down in the day to day. Working on your business is a challenge for most and this is where a coach can offer the greatest value."

Duncan McAdams -  ActionCoach - Geelong's No#1 Business Coaches