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Hugh Bowman

For a business owner to be able to put their trust in a business coach, they need to know that their mentor has the education, training and history that enables them to give quality support and advice – you want to be sure that they have what it takes to guide you through the big decisions and take your business to the next level.

Hugh Bowman is an experienced, leading business coach, and educator within the world’s number one business coaching firm, ActionCOACH. ActionCOACH was originally founded in Brisbane in 1993 and now operates across 61 countries, and it’s within this successful framework that Hugh helps small and family-run businesses adapt and thrive in the ever changing business landscape.

Trusted by Geelong business community, Hugh has mentored with many highly successful businesses across a broad range of sectors including retail, manufacturing, IT support, software developers, medical practices, law, civil works, residential and commercial construction businesses and many of their trade support industries.

Using his own experience as well as ActionCOACH proven frameworks and methodologies, Hugh guides and motivates his clients to achieve their life balance, their income, and their vision for their business.

Hugh’s past career

Before dedicating his time to coaching business, Hugh owned successful businesses in his own right and enjoyed a career in engineering beginning with roles in design and project management, and leading to sales, marketing, strategy, and everything that falls under the umbrella of being managing director.  He has spent most of his career working in small and medium sized business and is proud of being able to work with people from every level from apprentice trades to board members.

When it comes to business, Hugh practices what he preaches.  He and his wife founded Geelong Endocrinology and Diabetes of which he is a director, owner of Bow food Services which includes a gourmet hamburger restaurant, and director of HNC Logistics a unique click and collect grocery business.

Hugh is well educated with an Engineering (ME) and Business (MBA) degrees from Melbourne and Deaking Universities. He has also participated in extensive training within the ActionCOACH group in Australia, China, and USA.  Hugh is also a keen investor in other business, a share trader and technical analyst, supported by a Diploma of Share Trading and Investment.

Hugh is well connected in the Geelong business community as part of a local BNI leadership team, an Ambassador for the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and also supports the Geelong community through networking, hosting Geelong Small Business Festival events, and participating in the Geelong Business Excellence Awards.


Growing up a small business and family farm, Hugh understands first-hand what it means to work and help in a family business. He recognises the unique challenges they face, with respect to family members working in the business, business cashflow, decisions around reinvestment in the business versus taking money out, and even issues when taking family holidays.  Hugh understand the challenges, but also knows how to grow and improve their current business and their personal life lives at the same time.

Outside work, Hugh is a very busy man.  He prides himself of being ultra practical can do guy, and needs to be, for his family of 5 small children.  He also a keen runner and cyclist, and loves the outdoors: if it involves wind, waves, engines or water, you can bet that Hugh does or wants to do it.

To talk to Hugh Bowman ActionCOACH about how to build success in your business phone (03) 5221 8969 or 0409 402 474 or email.