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Planning For Your Business Success

Developing a business plan is one of the most powerful and valuable things you can do to further grow your business.  It gives the owners and key staff clear direction of where the business is going, how it will happen, and who will do it.  Almost more importantly, it is great for team engagement and building future leaders within the business.

The reason a business plan is so powerful is that it requires every aspect of your business to be reviewed. Everything from the business vision to marketing strategies, and human resources to finance. In many ways, it is the very act of developing that is the most important, rather the finished product.

For a good business plan to remain valid and useful for the longer term, it should be included in part of general monthly operations by viewing or referring to it.  The business plan should also have a significant update at least annually. The business plan should be treated as something more dynamic rather than static.  It is a big mistake to do it once and not use it again.

Developing a great business plan can be overwhelming for business owners in term of the time commitment.  With my one on one coaching we need to pick the perfect time to create a business plan for your business as I see it as a vital for your business growth success.

The finished business plan is suitable for investors or for arranging finance.  It can also be updated as key things change in the business and automatically updates the 5 year cash flow forecast. And the process makes sure that nothing in the plan is skipped or not fully developed, like marketing strategies and human resources.