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Junk Mail – Does It Still Work 2018?

Welcome to Whiteboard Friday and today I want to talk about direct mail what should you be putting through people’s letter boxes, how to be the most effective with it and what sort of return you’re going to expect from doing this now this type of direct mail – often referred to as junk mail.

Here Are My Five Top Tips On Junk Mail

How to be the most effective and how to grow your business by using it.

1. Does Junk Mail Actually Work?

Is it a viable marketing option these days especially with all the online competition? Well you need some proof don’t you? Here in Geelong I probably receive, twice a week,  a big wad of
advertising material some from the big guys but also some smaller businesses and it keeps on coming! There’s your proof really isn’t it? They wouldn’t be doing it unless it was effective for their businesses so does it work? Yes it does!

2. Being Effective With Junk Mail

The most effective way I’ve ever seen junk mail being used is when it’s location based so your businesses is a central point and you deliver a couple of thousand leaflets or flyers within cooee of your business whether it’s a short drive or a walk people can come to your business because you’re locally based.

3. What Should You Be Sending People Through Their Letterbox

The best and most simple marketing strategy is to have an offer. Just follow the Domino’s Pizza example they’ve always got an offer that gives five dollars off a pizza or free delivery or whatever it is. The same goes for your business it could be $20 of colouring in a haircut, it could be a free coffee whatever make sure that you have a compelling offer that will drive people to your business. People hold on to these things, they really do, they’ll stick it on their fridge and they’ll go oh yeah no worries we’ll come to your business and and we’ll buy it because you’ve done something for your potential client rather than just rave on about your business. You’ve given them some kind of compelling reason that’s all about them.
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4. How Good Is Your Offer?

Make sure you test and measure this is really important to see how effective your marketing is and the best way of doing this is getting 500 leaflets with one offer and 500 leaflets with another offer dividing them up and getting them delivered in different locations – the different offers will let you know their location. This means you can check the effectiveness of your offer then deliver 10,000.

5. If It’s Worth It, Do It Again (And Again!)

If it works: repeat, please repeat don’t worry people will forget about you, they won’t remember your offer and I always say to clients make sure that you’ve got six months worth of direct mail organized and you know that every month you’re going to be sending out an effective offer for people in the local area.

Now what sort of a response are you expecting from your efforts well that really is based on your compelling offer and the type of business that you’re in but you should get something from it
especially if you’ve got a very compelling offer and don’t forget to give.  As you already know new clients are expensive and they will cost you but junk mail is a relatively cheap form of getting out to as many people in your local area as possible. You may not get huge returns but even if you break even you have new clients and future sales with them.

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