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Our Workshops Work!

At Business Coaching Geelong, we run workshops throughout the year because we know the key to growing and improving your business is education.

We also know that educating your team is almost a necessity to help you work on your business, rather than be flat out working in it. So we encourage team members to participate and learn so they can take their learnings and start to implement them back into the business

We also recognised that jumping into coaching can be a little daunting at first. So our workshops are a great first step to understand us and our culture and test our mutual fit to potentially working together.

As our corporate name suggests, we strongly believe in action. So our workshops are activity based and not places to sit back and just listen.  And we know that with increased participation, the more knowledge and learning you take home.

We believe in great value for our workshops.  They are packed full of great information – There is no holding back of anything because we know if you learn heaps, you will happily spread the word.  And best of all, they are either free or low cost.